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About Us

Reconnek is a social networking app for immigrants, Migrates ,refugees.
Reconnek connects users with paid staff or volunteers in their area who
speak the same language and can offer assistance with their transition
to living in the US, Canada, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Users can also interact based on shared interests.

Reconnek is a wholly owned subsidiary of NWTT.
In light of the current refugee crisis and the ever increasing threat of
war,there has been the growing concern over the welfare of immigrants.
The crisis in Ukraine and other war torn zones has opened up the world
to recognize the problems immigrants face as they resettle in what is to
become their new homes.
NWTT through Reconnek, seeks to open up immigrants to opportunities.

Reconnek is the one stop shop app for refugees/immigrants/migrants that
easily helps you find friends from your hometown/country that currently
live near them. Reconnek is the solution for you who is trying to
Reconnek with people from your ancestral home after taking an ancestry
DNA test.
1. Take an ancestry DNA test and Reconnek with people from your
ancestral home to enjoy learning your language, food and culture.
2. Reconnek to support each other, integrate in your new country, date,
travel, invest, party and offer humanitarian support to your home
3. Reconnek with people near you from the countries you plan to visit
and learn about those countries ahead of your trips.
Let's make it big together in unity!

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